Thursday, February 5, 2009

Water Filtration in the Present - Whole House Water Filter Systems

Despite government regulations and incredible advancements in water technology, the water issuing from home taps is still quite contaminated. Although municipal water treatment plants are intended to provide clean, healthy water to all city residents, such plants must work with heavily contaminated water. The water contains disease-bearing pathogens, pesticide chemicals, and industrial sludge, to name only a few of modern water contaminants.

City officials must provide the healthiest water to municipal residents which modern technology affords. Considering the dirty water with which they have to work, this task can be quite daunting. Disinfection and disease control remain the main goals of such water treatment plants. Consequently, city residents receive chlorinated, and often fluoridated, water. Chlorine has been linked to asthma and other respiratory diseases, and excessive fluoride intake can lead to yellowed teeth, dental problems, and other serious health problems for young children.

City water treatment plants are simply unable to provide pure, chemical-free water to city residents. Even when water is purified at a municipal water treatment plant, it often picks up lead and other chemicals when traveling through a home’s plumbing system. While shower filters are a viable solution for the removal of chlorine from showering water, the best, and most modern, available water filtration technology lies in whole house filtration systems. These water filtration systems are installed in individual homes. They filter water as it reaches a home’s plumbing system, removing chlorine byproducts, tiny organic materials, and any other unwanted chemicals. They provide the purest form of water available. In fact, water filtered through a whole house water filter has begun to fulfill Hippocrates’s vision of great-tasting, clean water.